The Gayderick Family

When eight-year-old Dominique Gayderick shares her definition of success, it provides a window to her personal history and challenges.  “To me,” she says, “Success is that I have a whole family now.  I have parents who love me and my sister and my brothers.  They care for us and make sure that we’re safe.”

Dominique defines success as being a part of a family because she did not always have a stable home.  But after being placed in foster care for a time, Dominique found a loving and supportive permanent home with Daniel and Stephanie Gayderick.  The Gaydericks are one of the many blended families that Leake & Watts has helped to create through adoption.  “Daniel and I decided that we wanted to have children, and we started off as foster parents with Leake & Watts,” explains Stephanie.  The couple wanted to support children in the surrounding neighborhoods.  “We knew that if people didn’t step up, a lot of children might not have homes,” says Daniel.
Staying true to their mission to help children in need, the Gaydericks have adopted four children.  Dedicated parents, they have transformed the lives of Dominique and her siblings, who now have a nurturing home and busy lives. “We have the same excitement and challenges as any other family,” says Stephanie.  “Like any biologically-connected family, we have challenges with homework, with going to school, with going to bed, with waking up.  But facing those challenges is worth it.  You feel warm inside when you see the kids try harder at something and make progress, and when they achieve something that they have never done before.”
Dominique is the most vocal about how much she appreciates her parents, her new sister and brothers.  “My favorite thing to do is to play with my family,” she says.  “I love it because with more brothers and sisters, we play a lot of games.  I know I can depend on my family because they always stand up for me.”
Daniel knows that he and his wife made the right decision when they adopted their four children.  “The kids have a good family now,” he says, “which is an important building block for being successful when you grow up.  And that’s what my children will be – they will be successful.”