Supportive Employment Programs

Employment provides us with greater economic independence, a sense of productivity and worth, and a chance to interact with the world around us. This is particularly true for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, who all too often remain outside of the mainstream. With the right support and assistance, many people with intellectual/developmental disabilities can learn to become a vital part of the workforce.

Our Community Pre-Vocational Program provides support to adults to help them gain and maintain integrated employment through various community based activities and training opportunities. Through job discovery, skill building, career planning, and community service/volunteer site placement, the young men and women learn workplace responsibility, customer service, and workplace etiquette. Once these skills are attained, the adults are able to seek competitive employment.
Our Supportive Employment Program provides guidance and support through the employment process from start to finish by assessing potential employees’ strengths, teaching them how to seek employment, and supporting them once they have secured a job. All of our activities are geared toward building self-confidence, creating opportunities for personal growth, and fostering independence.  Supportive Employment Program participants may take tickets at a local movie theater, assist in the kitchen at a neighborhood restaurant, or stock the shelves at the local supermarket. With proper support, participants learn to make a contribution and be a part of their communities.
Our Pre-Vocational and Supportive Employment Services include:
  • Life skills and job willingness training
  • Basic education
  • Individualized vocational training
  • Job assessment
  • Job coaching and job search assistance
  • On-the-job mentoring
  • Transportation training
  • Socialization development with peers and the community
  • Fostering greater independence through counseling
  • Money management