Robert L

Robert , age 4 ½, is an active and exuberant boy. He is curious, inquisitive, and wants to press every button, open any door, and pick up every object within reach.  With the opportunity to feed his curious nature, Robert loves to spend his days at the Marion and George Ames Early Childhood Learning Center.  And his mother, Mrs. L, loves for him to go there too.  At the Ames Center, Robert is able to explore, learn, play and grow as he receives the preschool special education services that he needs to thrive.

Although Robert is gregarious and is able to tell you all about his day in full sentences today, Mrs. L remembers when he had only a few words at his disposal. That was just a year ago.  After having Robert evaluated for preschool special education services and visiting several preschools, Mrs. L came to the Ames Center so Robert could be assisted not only with his speech, but with his gross and fine motor skills as well.  Mrs. L was attracted to the integrated program in which both typically developing preschoolers and preschoolers with developmental delays and/or disabilities receive educational services side by side in the classroom. Robert immediately began to receive speech, occupational, and physical therapy in addition to the regular preschool program. 

Today, Robert is happy and thriving.  In just a year, the results have been exponential. He has a vocabulary of over 500 words and is even reading well above his age level.  "I’m so proud of him," says Mrs. L., "Robert has really benefited from the Ames Center. Everyone is so nice and supportive." With Robert on track, Ms. L is able to nurture and support him feeling confident that he is progressing in school.   "I really trust the teachers and the staff," she says. As for Robert, he just continues to giggle and explore.