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  • “My kids are everything. Without them, I feel like I have nobody,” says 26-year old Priscilla Ramirez, a single mother of three. She dotes on 5-year-old Leilani,
    4-year-old Suki and little Yandel, who is just 18 months old. Seeing them together, you wouldn’t know that the family recently went through a difficult separation...
  • The "Let's Grow Together" Program is the first in the nation to promote bonds between police officers and youth through community activities.  See the article featured on

  • “I’ve really struggled with my relationships with some adults,” explains Christian, a fifteen-year-old from the Leake & Watts Residential Treatment Center.  “But it’s important to me to have somebody to give me support, because none of us can just do everything by ourselves."

  • Check out how music, dance, theater, painting and drawing are an important part of many of our programs!