Current News

  • In the past six months alone, we have added new programs and sites, bringing our reach to 43 programs at 27 sites, allowing us to touch the lives of 4,144 direct program participants and more widely more than 8,000 total family members supported.

  • From corporate volunteering groups to one-on-one mentors, volunteers enrish the work of Leake & Watts.

  • Santa Claus came to Leake & Watts schools and program sites all around town, and with his list checked twice and the support of hundreds of donors and volunteers being good for goodness sake, the 2015 Toy Drive brought gifts, smiles and holiday joy to 2,949 children, teens and young adults supported by Leake & Watts.

  • The ballroom at the Pierre Hotel was packed more tightly than ever this fall for the Leake & Watts 2015 Annual Awards Gala as more than 250 generous friends and supporters gathered to show their support for our work. 

  • In our fall / winter 2015 Newsletter, we explore how Leake & Watts meets the educational needs of the many diverse parents and children we support.

  • “My kids are everything. Without them, I feel like I have nobody,” says 26-year old Priscilla Ramirez, a single mother of three. She dotes on 5-year-old Leilani,
    4-year-old Suki and little Yandel, who is just 18 months old. Seeing them together, you wouldn’t know that the family recently went through a difficult separation...
  • The "Let's Grow Together" Program is the first in the nation to promote bonds between police officers and youth through community activities.  See the article featured on

  • “I’ve really struggled with my relationships with some adults,” explains Christian, a fifteen-year-old from the Leake & Watts Residential Treatment Center.  “But it’s important to me to have somebody to give me support, because none of us can just do everything by ourselves."

  • Check out how music, dance, theater, painting and drawing are an important part of many of our programs!