Mother & Child Program

Teenage motherhood is a challenge under any set of circumstances.  Pregnant or parenting teens in foster care, who have been abused, neglected or abandoned by their families either previously or more recently for becoming pregnant, face additional emotional and behavioral challenges.

Our Mother & Child Program offers these teens a nurturing and supportive home where they and their children can be safe as they plan for their future. In this structured environment, staff members work with the young women to address their educational, developmental, medical, and emotional needs. Our Mother/Child program supports teenage mothers from the first days of motherhood and gives them the tools to succeed as parents for years to come.

Under our care, young mothers have the opportunity to attend local schools and fully participate in their communities at cultural and family-oriented events. With the support of our dedicated staff, our mothers graduate from high school or obtain a GED, attend job training programs, go to college, and secure employment. They learn parenting skills and benefit from family counseling, anger management training, vocational and educational support, spiritual guidance, and housing assistance, as well as the provision of on-site childcare services. Children receive medical care, early intervention, and preschool educational opportunities.