Mission & Values

Our Mission:

Leake & Watts is dedicated to supporting children, adults and families. Working together, we create strong foundations for success.

Our Values:

Respect, Achievement, Safety, and Responsibility

We demonstrate RESPECT by practicing open and honest communication and, in this way, earn trust.  We appreciate each individual's uniqueness and treat all with dignity.

We are committed to ACHIEVEMENT by setting and accomplishing goals. We take pride in our programs and ownership of our work.  We support individuals through initiative, teamwork, and innovation.

We ACT SAFELY by promoting a culture and environment that supports sound judgment and decision-making.  We safeguard the well-being of all.

We accept RESPONSIBILITY for the benefits and consequences of our actions.  We are consistent and fair in our treatment of others.


To learn more about how we carry out our mission and values as we support communities throughout the greater New York City metro area, watch our Learn More About Leake & Watts videos and other clips on our Leake & Watts Youtube Channel.