Long/Cline Family

"Jonathan has completed our life. We truly feel blessed," says Chris Long. After exploring international adoption and several other options, Chris Long and Paul Cline decided that they wanted to adopt a child who had been part of the foster care system. Chris, who has been in the social services industry for years said, "With 17,000 children in foster care in New York City alone, we decided that we had to give it a try." After filing the proper paperwork and undergoing a homestudy, Paul and Chris were ready to go at a moment's notice and accept a foster child in need of a permanent home into their lives

Then, in July 2008, Chris and Paul received a phone call that sent them on a shopping spree for a crib, toys, baby clothes, and much more. Jonathan, age 16 months, was on his way within a few weeks. Abandoned at birth, Jonathan had been living with a foster mother who was unable to adopt him and needed a permanent, loving home. Although Jonathan had tested positive for cocaine at birth, had severe chronic asthma, and was diagnosed with developmental delays, Chris and Paul were delighted welcome him into their home.

Since then, Jonathan has grown exponentially and his health has improved as well. Jonathan’s asthma is under control, and he recently had surgery to place tubes in his ears to address chronic ear infections that aggravated his condition.

Jonathan is lively, curious and engaging. He enthusiastically tells you that he loves going to the park and is quick to introduce his favorite "tools", Pat the Hammer and Dusty the Saw.  With an energetic high-five when saying good-bye, it’s clear that in a short time he has made tremendous strides and is happy in his new home with his new family. 

“Our dreams have become a reality,” say Chris and Paul. With Jonathan, they are building a new life and extending their family.