Leake & Watts iPad Donation Program

Leake & Watts is now accepting donations of new, refurbished and used iPads in order to support children in our Preschool Special Education Programs.

Across the country, interactive reading programs and educational games on iPads are significantly stimulating children's brain development, particularly children with developmental disabilities. In fact, research shows that iPad programs (apps) are very effective in enabling both children and adults on the autism spectrum to better communicate.  Particularly for children that are non-verbal, their ability to participate in the classroom is tremendously improved with the introduction of iPads.

Thanks to a generous grant from the CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Foundation, the Leake & Watts Dr. Katharine Dodge Brownell School has been able to introduce iPads into several of our specialized classrooms for preschoolers on the autism spectrum.  With the help of this supportive technology, we are changing the lives of preschoolers on the autism spectrum - but we need your support to continue this innovative program.

Now we hope to expand the program to additional classrooms at the Brownell School and to replicate the program at both the Leake & Watts Children's Learning Center and the Marion & George Ames Early Learning Center, which also support children ages 3-5 on the autism spectrum.

There are several ways to get involved.  You can donate a new, refurbished or used iPad for use in one of our classrooms.  Contact us at 914-375-8605 or development@leakeandwatts.org to learn more.  We will also accept donations specifically designated to purchase iPads for this program.  $400 buys a new iPad, or you can share the cost of an iPad by donating an amount of your own choosing.  To make a donation online, please visit our online donation page.