In Honor /In Memory of Cards

If you would like to commemorate a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, or express thanks on such an occasion, you may wish to pay tribute to someone you know through an "in honor of" gift to Leake & Watts.  Your donation will help support Leake & Watts programs while you pay tribute to someone who is important to you.

You may also wish to pay your respects to someone who has passed away through an "in memory of" gift to Leake & Watts.  Many choose this tribute in lieu of flowers.

If you make a tribute gift, we will send both an acknowledgment letter to you for your donation, and a card (without the gift amount) to whomever you designate, making them aware of your contribution in their name or in honor of a loved one.

You can designate your gift online or call us today at 914.375.8605 for more information.

The cards that we send are pictured below: