Foster Care Programs

Approximately 12,000 children in New York City are in foster care. Some of these children have suffered physical and emotional abuse. Others have suffered neglect due to parental substance abuse or lack of adequate housing, nutrition or supervision. Many have had their basic educational and emotional needs ignored. No matter what preceded their need for foster care placement, by the time children reach our door, they have suffered trauma.

Our Foster Care Programs provide safe and nurturing homes to over 400 vulnerable children and teens in the Bronx, as well as in other New York City boroughs, Westchester County and upstate New York. Through counseling, supervised home visits, parenting skills training and other supportive services, we strive to safely reunite children with their families as quickly as possible. Dedicated to supporting the needs of the children in our care as well as those who care for them them, our services include Family Foster Care and Treatment Foster Care Oregon Programs.

Our Family Foster Care Program provides temporary homes for children of all ages. Whenever possible, children are placed with relatives or close family connections such as godparents (kinship foster care) to keep children connected to their families and reduce the trauma of sudden placement away from birth parents. Our staff works with both foster parents and birth parents to ease the transition of the children into our care and then back home again.  Individual and family therapy is available to address emotional, behavioral and mental health issues.  Aiming to reunite families, we provide assistance to birth parents including substance abuse treatment, supportive housing, parenting skills workshops, job training and other supports that will eventually lead to the return of children to their birth parents and the preservation of the family unit.

The Treatment Foster Care Oregon Program (The TFCO Program), is a specialized foster care program that supports youth ages 12 to 17 in need of temporary out-of-home placement with the Treatment Foster Care Oregon model.  Leake & Watts believes in the value of family relationships, and TFCO is a treatment program based on many years of research that helps to both promote and support a teen's relationship with his/her family. Because TFCO values each family's potential to provide guidance and support for their child's positive adjustment, this treatment program helps our staff to provide family-driven care that works toward the important goal of reunification.  We believe that families are able to change and we are committed to helping them accomplish their goals.  Our staff members help break down any road blocks to communication between teens and their parents, and teach families various parenting strategies that support and guide a teen's positive behaviors.  Staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for questions, consultation and support.

After foster care placement, we also provide transitional and continuing support to birth families upon reunification with their children. Our staff engages birth families in planning and refers parents to community providers for additional community services and supports.

To learn more about becoming a foster parent in our Family Foster Care Program, contact us at 718-794-8519 or

To find out about becoming a foster parent for our TFCO Program or to learn more about the program, contact Program Director Stephanie Glickman at 718-794-8453 or

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