Biondi Elementary School

Does your child have special education needs that you feel are not being adequately addressed? At the Biondi Elementary School in the heart of the Bronx, we provide students the opportunity to achieve academic and personal success. Therapeutic services combined with a low student-to-teacher ratio provide our students with the support they need to create strong foundations for the future.

Located in the Westchester Square neighborhood of the Bronx, the Biondi Elementary School is a fully accredited non-public school supporting special education students grades K-6.  We emphasize academic achievement, skills development, and increasing each student’s ability to remain on task, interact appropriately with peers, and improve behavior.  Students benefit from small classes where they receive hands-on, individualized attention. Our goal is to improve academic skills, emotional stability and coping skills in order to empower students to succeed.  To achieve this goal, our program provides more individualized attention and special education than traditional public schools.
Understanding that parental involvement is an invaluable part of our community and a must in each child’s road to success.  We invite parents and guardians to attend an informational orientation session and meet the school leadership and your child’s teachers, be an active part of your child’s school through participation and volunteer work, and to participate in informational workshops throughout your child’s years at Biondi Elementary on topics such as tutorial services and helping young adolescents in their social and emotional growth.
Our program includes:
  • An educational curriculum based on the New York State Core Curriculum Standards
  • Student to teacher ratio of 12:1:2 at most
  • Two teacher assistants in every classroom
  • A strong reading and literacy building curriculum that is incorporated in all subjects
  • Integrated inquiry based Science Program
  • Health and wellness studies
  • Art, vocal and instrumental music classes
  • Comprehensive physical education
  • Computer and technology skills training,
  • Speech and Occupational Therapy
  • A positive behavior incentive program which guides each student’s behavioral improvement and growth
  • Field trips to museums, sports activities, concerts, and cultural events
  • Therapeutic and Clinical supports including licensed clinical psychologists, licensed social workers, mental health counselors and crisis prevention / intervention specialists
Students attend the Biondi Elementary School from across the greater New York.
Join us to experience success in education!
For more information about the Biondi School, contact us at 914.375.8969 or